WWE: Emmalina is Actually Debuting on Raw, February 13 — Maybe

is it real? can it be? yes, it seems like emmalina is making her much-anticipated arrival on wwe raw.
emma had been teased to arrive back on wwe raw as “emmalina” since october 3, which is when the original vignettes began for her re-debut. this came about two months after she was cleared by wwe after undergoing back surgery in may 2016.
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however, emmalina has not appeared on raw after over 120 days, just about all of which has had “premiering soon” as the tagline in the bottom of the video clips. it seemed like one gigantic trolling, but it appears there is a sign of hope for the australian superstar returning. wwe aired a vignette for her return on monday’s episode of raw and said she would be premiering “next week”.

the wait truly is almost over…#emmalina arrives next week on monday night #raw! @emmawwe pic.twitter.com/8hv9unqmyx
— wwe (@wwe) february 7, 2017

the makeover of emma to emmalina, after over 120 days, seems like it is coming to fruition — maybe. wwe did this in the middle of december, only for her to not show up. so it pretty much has seemed like the company had nothing to do with her, which is interesting as she’s sat on the bench all this time. could they be fooling fans again?
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as for what emmalina could do on raw — if she actually appears, it’s not clear. charlotte, bayley, sasha banks, and nia jax are tied up in their owns feuds, leaving just alicia fox and dana brooke. fox is with the cruiserweight division, so there’s brooke, emmalina’s former ally in nxt and the main roster. maybe wwe plans on pairing them together again?
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whatever wwe plans on doing with emmalina, it should be interesting to watch. that’s if she even appears on raw. it’s not a guarantee after all these months, so we’ll have to believe it when we see it, whether it’s on february 13, 20, 27, or in december.

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