Phoenix Suns

This is not a position.
Frankly, it requires a leap of faith to get a franchise that’s done little to deserve one. The Phoenix Suns are creeping toward the end of a fourth successive season with a sub-.300 winning percentage. They have had four distinct coaches during that stretch and could consider another change after this season. There’s also a troubling tendency of dysfunction within the organization.
But this really is a players’ league, and the Suns have some of the best up-and-comers in the business.
Devin Booker is 22 years old and an explosive scorer (25.1 points per game). Phoenix’s mishandling of the point guard spot also compelled him to grow as a shot-creator, and he’s responded with a career-best 6.7 assists per contest. Deandre Ayton, 20, ought to be a first-team All-Rookie lock and only the third NBA professional to average 16 points and 10 rebounds during the 2000s.
That is probably it for possible celebrities, but players such as TJ Warren, Josh Jackson, Mikal Bridges and (if he’s re-signed) Kelly Oubre Jr. are capable of handling complementary roles. And with this core still set to rise through the Suns’ very own first-rounders and an incoming pick from the Milwaukee Bucks, the ability base will continue to expand.

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