Betting on mixed martial arts, and the UFC particularly, should be quite appealing to folks who are drawn to gambling on underdogs. Since the game uses moneyline betting it’s far from rare to see underdogs going off at very high potential returns, and upsets are a significant part of the game. Obviously, you can not simply blindly bet on most of underdogs and aspire to earn a profit — it can’t be that easy. There are a number of scenarios where you are far more likely to find a potentially profitable underdog compared to others. Here are five such scenarios to be on the lookout for:
A favourite drawing massive public action — The UFC does a really good job of promoting their celebrities and making their best fighters seem very great. When those fighters struggle, then, it’s extremely common to see these go off as really heavy favorites. A good deal of UFC bettors are only casual lovers, so they will be much more on reputation than anything else, which means they will be heavily drawn to the favorites. Many times, however, the underdog is not nearly as outclassed as the chances would suggest they are. When a heavy favorite is drawing a significant majority of the bets on a fight then you can be certain in most cases the odds are greater than they otherwise should be on this fighter. That then means that the underdog probably faces more attractive odds than you could otherwise expect. The underdog won’t always be attractive simply since they are facing greater chances than they probably should, however if you can normally make a situation that the underdog has a solid chance then gambling on them could turn out to be even more appealing at inflated chances.
An underdog with strong history out of UFC — Most UFC bettors are not overall MMA bettors, plus they don’t follow the sport out the UFC pay-per0view and broadcast events. Even though there are fewer and fewer other high level organizations on the market that are still some very good fighters toiling outside the UFC. When a fighter arrives to the UFC to struggle for the first time they often won’t get a good deal of respect from bettors — especially if they’re contrary to a UFC veteran — unless they’re heavily encouraged. If you do your homework, even though, you might discover that the fighter is actually rather impressive and more than capable of giving his rival a tough match on the greatest stage.

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