With mobile betting live and football season ahead, the West Virginia Lottery released sports gambling revenue numbers. The start of the college football gambling season produced the NFL and string revenue numbers must add to this.
For the week ending Aug. 31, handle reached almost $4.5 million. That’s??a leap of almost $2.5 million from the prior week –??certainly a positive signal.
Even more positive is that the $649,000 in sportsbook earnings plus an extra $25,000 from just a few days of online sports gambling at West Virginia.
Soccer season will be useful for state tax revenue with more than $67,000 going into government coffers. That’s $19,000 more than the last week.
While those numbers that are mobile look paltry, it is important to note it had been the first week West Virginia online sportsbooks were available. FanDuel Sportsbook merely launched in the marketplace on Aug. 26 and DraftKings Sportsbook launched two days afterwards.
That gave both platforms only a couple of days of performance to the official earnings report of the state.
Together with limited time at the state, there has been restricted vulnerability. As the BetLucky program closed in March A legal mobile betting option hasn’t been available. Mobile was out of thoughts , out of sight for months.
There were also some launching problems which might have hurt during that launch stage. Many bettors didn’t recognize FanDuel built a very different program for the state.
There were also a few kinks to work out in regards to geolocation. Some bettors reported mistakes within the state not allowing them. With both programs now fully established, those cellular numbers need to grow.
With all the NFL and college football seasons WV bettors have loads of wagering options. Soccer remains the most popular gambling season and lots will bet on the gridiron activity.
A look in the BetLucky app might provide some insight into the capacity for the market. The app attained peak football season handle through the week ending Jan. 19, bringing in almost $123,000.
The stage debuted on Dec. 29 with handle frequently in the $25,000 to $80,000 range through its existence. Amounts that were nice were seen by betLucky before March Madness, using $141,000 for the week.
BetLucky was closed down in March and cellular was gone . Now, FanDuel and DraftKings both fetch a few advantages that BetLucky might not have had. A few of them include:
Before soccer season provides an opportunity for continuing expansion both platforms going live. Revenue is, although mobile and retailn’t breaks out handle. Here’s a look at cellular revenue from this week:
The FanDuel number proved to be a difficult start on the market. An ancient line around the WVU sport is believed by some to have been the offender. With loads of action wager on the Mountaineers, a triumph made the game a affair to the publication.
1 challenge for online wagering might be the early-season struggles of WVU. The team has launched 1-1 with its lone win coming within FCS group James Madison (20-13). Missouri trounced on the Mountaineers.
Will bettors in the state continue to wager the Mountaineers? It will be intriguing to see revenue totals.
When it comes to shopping, Hollywood leads the bunch. Here’s a look at handle from all of retail sportsbooks for the week ending
With cellular wagering legal, it is going to be intriguing to determine if Hollywood will remain as the revenue and handle leader. Conveniently situated near Washington D.C. and Baltimore, the home has topped $100 million in total handle.
That place should enable the property to retain its position on the market. Mobile wagering through the DraftKings sports gambling app provides an extra revenue flow in the country.
Reaching the $200 million manage mark may prove easier in the country with an internet sports. That includes throughout the soccer season.
Despite competition from the FanDuel sports gambling app, bettors from the country needs to be able to wager with Hollywood having a nice chunk of this.
A challenge in the retail market remains the close of Mardi Gras sportsbooks and the Wheeling Island. Both properties are managed by Delaware North, which had partnered with BetLucky.
Together with the program’s closed and consequent shuttering of these 2 possessions’ sportsbooks, which has left a void on the marketplace. Mobile wagering must help alleviate some of that.
But bettors at the northern area of the country (Wheeling) and central (Charleston area) still don’t have a retail option. That’ll continue to hamper statewide manage despite a option.
In an August meeting with PlayWV, West Virginia Lottery Director John Myers noted that Delaware North has been trying to resolve this situation.
“I’ve been advised by Delaware North control they are negotiating to substitute their initial system, but we have not got any requests or plans from them”
With numbers and cellular betting in place, the WV sports is showing signs of life. As college football enters the next week of action, that is good news and the NFL moves to Week 2.
Sean Chaffin is now a freelance author in Crandall, Texas. His work is in a lot of sites and publications. Follow him on Twitter @PokerTraditions. He’s also the host of the True Gambling Stories podcast, for sale on iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn Radio, Spotify, Stitcher,,, and other programs.
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